[OOD-users] Announcing Open OnDemand 1.2

Basil Mohamed Gohar bgohar at osc.edu
Fri Nov 3 16:30:28 EDT 2017

We are happy to announce the release of Open OnDemand 1.2.  This release 
contains many bug fixes and some developer-mode enhancements.  
Highlights include:

  - Taking a step towards global configuration by moving the 
configuration file for nginx_stage 
to /etc/ood/config/nginx_stage.yml (we intend on migrating all 
configuration to /etc/ood/config in the future).
  - The developer interface in the Dashboard is dynamically enabled when 
the developer creates the sandbox directory ~/ondemand/dev under their 
home directory.
  - To make Interactive App development debugging easier the full 
command used when submitting a batch job is now logged under 
/var/log/nginx/<user>/error.log on the corresponding OnDemand node.
  - The Files App now opens and displays PDF and HTML files in a new tab 
when a user attempts to View the selected file.
  - A multitude of bugfixes…


Release notes & upgrade information can be found here: 


Come see us at SC17!  We're in booth 2007 next to NVIDIA & Penguin 
Computing.  Visit the OSC booth and see videos, presentations, and talk 
to us about OnDemand.

Suggestions for topics for our next webinar are also welcome.

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