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Jeremy Nicklas jeremywnicklas at gmail.com
Wed Aug 1 20:21:49 EDT 2018

Hi Kevin,

It has been awhile since I worked with the code, but this looks like it may
be caused by a corrupt connection file that was generated by one of your
running interactive session jobs. When an Interactive Session starts
running on an allocated cluster node it will attempt to create a
`connection.yml` file in its staging directory. This file holds all the
necessary information (e.g., host, port, and VNC password) necessary for
the user to connect back to the session through the Dashboard. The
Dashboard will attempt to parse this file using the Ruby YAML parsing
library `psych` and generate a link that the user can use to connect to
their running session.

You can find these connection files under the staging directory for each of
the running Interactive Sessions. I don't have access to my data anymore,
so working from memory you can probably find it under (give or take a few
mistakes in directories):


or you can get fancy and do:

$ find ~/ondemand/data -name connection.yml

You will want to read the contents of those files and look for any odd
characters that stand out. If you can track down the offending file that
will help narrow down the bug and a possible fix.

-Jeremy Nicklas

> Hello, I've just done an initial install of OOD, and for the most
> part, I have it working.
> However, when running a interactive desktop, I'm getting an error when
> I click on the 'My Interactive Sessions' button on the dashboard.
> I'm seeing an 'Internal Server Error' with text that starts with:
> #<ActionView::Template::Error: (<unknown>): invalid trailing UTF-8
> octet at line 1 column 1>
> /opt/rh/rh-ruby22/root/usr/share/ruby/psych.rb:370:in `parse'
> /opt/rh/rh-ruby22/root/usr/share/ruby/psych.rb:370:in `parse_stream'
> /opt/rh/rh-ruby22/root/usr/share/ruby/psych.rb:318:in `parse'
> /opt/rh/rh-ruby22/root/usr/share/ruby/psych.rb:284:in `safe_load'
> /var/www/ood/apps/sys/dashboard/app/models/batch_connect/session.rb:396:in
> `connect
> ....  and many more lines.
> In my PUN error log file, I'm seeing similar-
> App 9021 stdout: [2018-08-01 15:31:28 -0400 ]  INFO "execve =
> [{\"SLURM_CONF\"=>\"/etc/slurm/slurm.conf\"}, \"/usr/bin/squeue\",
> \"--all\", \"--states=all\", \"--noconvert\", \"-o\",
> \"%a\\u001F%A\\u001F%b\\u001F%B\\u001F%c\\u001F%C\\u001F%d\\
> u001F%D\\u001F%e\\u001F%E\\u001F%f\\u001F%F\\u001F%g\\
> u001F%G\\u001F%h\\u001F%H\\u001F%i\\u001F%I\\u001F%j\\
> u001F%J\\u001F%k\\u001F%K\\u001F%l\\u001F%L\\u001F%m\\
> u001F%M\\u001F%n\\u001F%N\\u001F%o\\u001F%O\\u001F%q\\
> u001F%P\\u001F%Q\\u001F%r\\u001F%S\\u001F%t\\u001F%T\\
> u001F%u\\u001F%U\\u001F%v\\u001F%V\\u001F%w\\u001F%W\\
> u001F%x\\u001F%X\\u001F%y\\u001F%Y\\u001F%z\\u001F%Z\",
> \"-j\", \"190\"]"
> App 9021 stdout: [2018-08-01 15:31:28 -0400 ]  INFO "method=GET
> path=/pun/sys/dashboard/batch_connect/sessions format=html
> controller=BatchConnect::SessionsController action=index status=500
> error='ActionView::Template::Error: (<unknown>): invalid trailing
> UTF-8 octet at line 1 column 1' duration=35.72 view=0.00"
> App 9021 stdout: [2018-08-01 15:31:28 -0400 ] FATAL
> "ActionView::Template::Error ((<unknown>): invalid trailing UTF-8
> octet at line 1 column 1):\n    1: <%= session_panel session do %>\n
>  2:   <%= session_view session do %>\n    3:     <%\n    4:       if
> session.running?\n  app/models/batch_connect/session.rb:396:in
> `connect'\n  app/models/batch_connect/session.rb:405:in `to_hash'\n
> app/helpers/batch_connect/sessions_helper.rb:3:in `session_panel'\n
> app/views/batch_connect/sessions/_panel.html.erb:1:in
> `_app_views_batch_connect_sessions__panel_html_erb__
> 2226473861888657584_36164260'\n
>  app/views/batch_connect/sessions/index.html.erb:37:in
> `_app_views_batch_connect_sessions_index_html_erb__
> 2670672794125958996_36346460'"
> Any ideas on what I should look at?
> Thanks for putting together what looks like it's going to be an
> extremely useful tool for our users!
> Thanks,
> Kevin
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> Kevin Hildebrand
> University of Maryland Division of IT
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