[OOD-users] Jupyter Notebooks in OnDemand

Rodgers, Morgan E. mrodgers at osc.edu
Mon Aug 13 13:10:24 EDT 2018

Hi Susan,

Are you asking about how to give users a choice about how to select the Jupyter kernel of their choice? Or about the version of the Jupyter engine itself?

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At the PEARC Open OnDemand BOF, I asked how OSC recommends we allow users change which version of Jupyter will be used for their session. OSC suggested creating a config file that will be read after the user brings up OnDemand.

I found docs about jupyter_notebook.config file but nothing regarding modules or versions.

Has anyone who is using OnDemand for Jupyter Notebooks figured out a way to do this .-- create a config file that allows users to customize which modules they load for use with Jupyter?  I haven't been able to find anything.

How is everyone else handling multiple versions within OnDemand?

Thanks in advance,

Susan Litzinger

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