[OOD-users] configuring job start/end email in OOD 1.3

Sajdak, Doris djm29 at buffalo.edu
Fri Aug 17 16:07:14 EDT 2018


We had hacked in the ability for users to get an email when their job starts when we first installed OnDemand 1.1.  We just upgraded to 1.3 and see that there is now both email address and the ability to get an email when the job terminates.  We did not port any of our changes to version 1.3 and wanted to use those options that are built in instead.  I must be missing something though as these don't seem to be working.  I've added bc_email and bc_email_on_terminate to my form but the info doesn't make it to my job script (we're running SLURM).  They are, however, found in the user_defined_context.json file.  Also, instead of the Boolean it is configured as, when I add bc_email_on_terminate to the form it shows up as a text box.

Any suggestions?


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