[OOD-users] evaluating ood and noVNC

John-Paul Robinson jprorama at gmail.com
Fri Nov 2 16:59:06 EDT 2018

Hi Folks,

We've been evaluating ood and now have a beta instance deployed on our 
cluster.    Over all, the application works great.  It is exactly what 
we want to see as a modernization of the  HPC user experience.

Our tests with noVNC are seeing a lot of promise but we've noticed some 
rendering/responsiveness issues with this interface.  In particular, 
sometimes we see a lack of updates to text typed in a terminal on the 
VNC desktop and no updates visible until we click on a desktop outside 
the terminal.  We are also seeing issues with Matlab rendering updates 
(matlab has been problematic in the past even with traditional vnc 
clients, so i'm just putting this one out there).  It seems to me that 
the problems are due to a refresh-rate/detection issue between the X 
server and the VNC server agent.  If I connect with a traditional VNC 
client to the hpc desktop, I see the same update issues as i'm seeing on 
the noVNC client side.  We are testing with xfce.

Thanks for all the work on this great product,


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