[OOD-users] updated Rstudio singularity container?

mludwig mludwig at intranet.techsquare.com
Tue Nov 6 12:23:55 EST 2018

While we are on the topic of this Rstudio deployment technique, I have 
not been able to get the post method to work with automatically filling 
in the login form page with the generated password. I'm wondering if 
this is because many browsers block this method to mitigate bots. I have 
currently fallen back to simply printing the generated password on the 
page once the batch job has started and having users copy and paste.

Please let me know if I am mistaken and there is a better way.

Many thanks,

P.S. We are also interested in the future of this deployment, regarding 
newer versions of Rstudio
On 11/06/2018 12:04 PM, Kevin Manalo via OOD-users wrote:
> I’d also have the general question as to whether Jeremy intends to 
> maintain the Singularity Container or if somebody on the OOD team will 
> absorb it (we use it also).
> -Kevin
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> Are there any plans to release a new singularity container for Rstudio 
> that works with a newer release of Rstudio?  We have a professor who 
> would like to use it for his class and prefers a later release.
> The version we are using was provided by Jeremy Nicholas who is no 
> longer with OSC.  Our security team was not thrilled with us using 
> proot so a container was the alternative.
> Has anyone in OOD-land figured out a secure way of running Rstudio 
> without proot using a more recent release of Rstudio?
> TIA - Susan
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