[OOD-users] Performance issues

Dan Dietz ddietz at purdue.edu
Fri Nov 9 10:58:53 EST 2018

I'm currently testing implementing OOD here and all has gone quite smoothly
so far (really, very nice work, I'm really enjoying working with it). I'm
having one issue now though. As I started making the apps (I've got 6 so
far) use form.yml.erb and dynamically display the user's available queues
(select instead of free-form text box) and dynamically pull in versions
from modules, things have gotten progressively slower in the dashboard (in
apps, job composer, just loading the home page, anything) as I've improved
more apps. It probably takes 10 seconds to load any page now.

Watching `top` on the server running OOD what I see are a ton of `qlist`
(in-house command that lists eligible queues for the user the form template
is using) processes flying by. What it feels like is the dashboard is
building every dynamic form on every page load, even if I'm nowhere near
any of the interactive apps.

Am I doing something wrong or has anyone else seen this?


Dan Dietz
Senior Scientific Applications Analyst
ITaP Research Computing, Purdue University
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