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Franz, Eric efranz at osc.edu
Fri Nov 9 11:29:07 EST 2018


From what you are describing, I would not expect it to affect the job composer. But I apologize, this is a big oversight on our part. I opened issues https://github.com/OSC/ood-dashboard/issues/417 and https://github.com/OSC/ood-dashboard/issues/418 to track this work.

We knew that the dashboard is inefficient in the menu building process and it is something we were planning to fix in the next three months. But it looks like this is higher priority.

The dashboard builds the menu dynamically on each request, instead of caching the information. This is great when you have multiple people doing app sharing or app development as the users PUN doesn’t have to be restarted to see a new app. It is also useful for an interactive app where description or title information changes system state. But those are edge cases, not the common case for most Open OnDemand sites. And as you observe it is problematic when the form.yml.erb contains expensive code.

I can provide a patch you can use till the next release. I’ll follow up with that in another email.


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I'm currently testing implementing OOD here and all has gone quite smoothly so far (really, very nice work, I'm really enjoying working with it). I'm having one issue now though. As I started making the apps (I've got 6 so far) use form.yml.erb and dynamically display the user's available queues (select instead of free-form text box) and dynamically pull in versions from modules, things have gotten progressively slower in the dashboard (in apps, job composer, just loading the home page, anything) as I've improved more apps. It probably takes 10 seconds to load any page now.

Watching `top` on the server running OOD what I see are a ton of `qlist` (in-house command that lists eligible queues for the user the form template is using) processes flying by. What it feels like is the dashboard is building every dynamic form on every page load, even if I'm nowhere near any of the interactive apps.

Am I doing something wrong or has anyone else seen this?


Dan Dietz
Senior Scientific Applications Analyst
ITaP Research Computing, Purdue University
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