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Sorry we don’t have this documented yet.

To add an item to an existing top level app menu (Files, Jobs, Clusters, Interactive Apps), if it is a static URL, you can add an app directory to /var/www/ood/apps/sys/ whose manifest.yml has a “url: http://url.to.redirect.to”. Here is an example:


The subcategory is optional and places it in a separate section in the dropdown menu.

To add a new top level dropdown menu you have to currently modify a global variable in the dashboard app initializer. Modify or create /etc/ood/config/apps/dashboard/initializers/ood.rb and add this line:

NavConfig.categories += ["Your Category"]

Then that dropdown will appear if any apps specify that category string. You may need to select Help -> Restart Web Server for the change to take effect.

In OnDemand 1.4 this requirement to modify the Rails initializer will be removed so that by default it will be easier to just drop new “apps” in place and have the menu organized how you prefer.


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Are there any instructions available for adding an another menu option to OnDemand with the menu items being links to external websites or other web apps like WebMO (I know the signon won't be passed through).  I'd like to include links to common sites used by our faculty and students.

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