[OOD-users] Launching apps outside job system

Franz, Eric efranz at osc.edu
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Were you thinking of starting these on the web node, login node, or just any dedicated node to run these processes on demand, without the wait imposed by the queue?

We proposed to tackle this problem in the CSSI proposal that was recently awarded so this is on the roadmap for next year. We discussed possibly building a “fork” adapter that would implement the same interface as the job adapters, but instead just fork + exec (or in your case, ssh + fork). The replacement for qstat would be a mixture of ps and inspecting /proc/<pid>; the “job id” would be the process id. qdel would just be kill. There would be problems introduced for process cleanup. Some type of containerization would be helpful but then that would require escalated privileges, complicating the implementation. Or we might investigate using systemd for supporting the process management.

At OSC we support such lightweight processing through a “quick cluster” to support “VDI” apps where jobs only get 1 core and we oversubscribe jobs on the nodes. That is explained in the relevant portions in this thread: https://listsprd.osu.edu/pipermail/ood-users/2018-March/000122.html. While they use the same batch submission (the torque adapter, in OSC’s case), jobs typically take 10-30 seconds to start instead of minutes. Would this approach work for you in the interim? Otherwise perhaps we could explore another option till a more robust “fork” adapter is available.


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I wonder if there is a way to launch the apps outside the job system, ie, directly on the cluster front-ends? We support running a few lightweight apps on cluster front-ends (visualizations, things like that). Is there a way to have it just "ssh" instead of "qsub" to start an interactive session?


Dan Dietz
Senior Scientific Applications Analyst
ITaP Research Computing, Purdue University
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