[OOD-users] CAS experience

Dan Dietz ddietz at purdue.edu
Fri Jan 4 14:23:46 EST 2019

Hi all,

Has anyone else had experience with using CAS? I followed a recipe from an
earlier thread but ran into some issues. The original implementation had
something like this in the config in each of the Location/LocationMatch
blocks in the httpd configuration (using the yaml/generator thing):

AuthType CAS
AuthName "Private"
RequestHeader unset Authorization
Require ldap-attribute host=....

This seemed to work until I tried going into interactive apps. They would
throw various errors when you tried to launch them. Connection error in any
vnc apps, and various auth errors in things like juptyer/rstudio server.
After a try it would work just fine.

After some hair pulling, I noticed when launching an app the client was
being bounced to the CAS validation server and back. The redirect was
dropping authentication session data for the application (ie, the random
password) and so I couldn't connect.

The issue seemed to be CAS Scope being written to the cookies. Each of the
different Location/LocationMatch blocks would generate a different CAS
cookie for that specific URI. So any time you jumped between the Location
blocks CAS would bounce around cookies. So going from dashboard to an app
would result in extra trips to CAS but then on the second load of an app it
would be fine. Going back to the dashboard would do the same extra trip but
you wouldn't notice since there isn't any session data to drop.

I found there is a CASScope option to specify the scope for a new cookie
(rather than defaulting to the requesting URI), so I applied another
setting in the config:

- 'CASScope /'

This helped but I was still seeing issue when trying to resume a session
left up in a browser overnight or some hours. I could never quite tell if
it was because of Cookies written in my browser before the Scope change but
I was still seeing the cookies with specific scopes set.

I ended up going off-script on the httpd config and pulled all the CAS
settings into a single <Location "/"> stanza. It felt like somehow I was
falling out of the other stanzas and would get bad cookies. Or some old bad
cookies were resurrected. Hard to tell. This seems to work, I haven't seen
any issues at all since then.

I'm not totally convinced this last step was necessary but this was very
hard to test. I could not reproduce the issue on demand. It only seemed to
happen after letting it sit overnight and something timed out. Possibly on
the CAS server side - with CAS being the central auth system at the
university, it was very hard to avoid using it except overnight... and thus
I'd only get one refresh to test changes per day. So I don't think I'm
going to try to undo the last change and will leave it at that.

Anyway, I wanted to share my experiences and see if anyone else has seen
anything similar. I'd feel a lot better moving forward with this solution
knowing someone else had the same experience. I'm happy to share my
complete CAS configuration if anyone is interested.



Dan Dietz
Senior Scientific Applications Analyst
ITaP Research Computing, Purdue University
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